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We support you every step of the way

We support your pursuit for leisure and interests. We will work with you to identify special interest, budget for them and access them safely. We utilize community resources and will always work hard to match up service users with keyworkers who are best suited to support them in the pursuit of said activities.

Supported Holidays

Many of our tenants will have never travelled abroad, prior to being placed with us. We therefore offer our tenants the opportunity to go on group or individual holidays, locally or to any country they desire.  We will work with them from the initial conception of the idea of a holiday destination.

We will support them with procuring their passport if they don’t have one, create a budget and then save towards the target and then book dates and related activities.

We will support our tenants to travel as a group, whilst some individuals will be supported to have developed the confidence to travel alone to visit family and friends subject to the appropriate risk assessment.

Visiting your favorite spots

With carer assisted travel, you don’t have to stop visiting your favourite cafés, restaurants and day trip destinations

Navigating public transport

Using public transport and getting to grips with timetables becomes really straightforward when you have someone alongside you to help out.

Exploring new locations

Your personal assistant can drive or accompany you anywhere you like, including exploring new spots that you might not otherwise be able to visit

Seeing friends and family

Travelling with a carer suddenly gives you the ability to visit and spend time with loved ones with much greater flexibility and without concern

Maintaining your routines

For a lot of people, an independent lifestyle means being able to maintain as many of the same routines as possible, such as doing the weekly shop

A friendly face alongside you

Having a friendly, reliable companion alongside you wherever you go can be a great source of comfort and reassurance

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