Supported Living Services for 16-25


We offer a services whereby the individual needs guides or services delivery.


We work with relevant professionals to ensure that holistic needs are met.


We care and through this we are able to support our young people to believe in themselves..

Stella Maris supported living

We provide supported living placements for young people aged 16 to 25. Our main aim is to provide safe and high-quality accommodation in which our young people can develop and enhance their independent skills. Stella Maris supported living provides a nurturing, supportive environment for young people transitioning to independent adult living.


Stella Maris Supported Living for young people 16-25

Holistic supported living services, we have  an understanding that each person is unique and an individual hence our support is person centered. Stella Maris Supported Living gives appropriate advice and assistance in claiming benefits to service users. We also assist each service user to create their own budgeting plan. An allowance can be provided if benefits are not appropriate or until benefits are received.
We support each individual to develop and work to budget plans to support in developing money management skills where appropriate. We will also work in partnership with any appointees.

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