The unaccompanied

At Stella Maris we undertake assessments to recognise and understand the individual child/young person’s needs to form a programme of intensive work. These determine psychological and/or emotional impact of experiences as an unaccompanied child.

Assessments will also include the child’s needs in relation to their health, disability, education, legal requirements, religious beliefs, racial origin, culture and linguistic background. We work with multi agencies and experts to provide therapeutic input to support, empower them to achieve, provide continuity of care and safe accommodation to promote stability.

The unaccompanied

Unaccompanied children are amongst the most vulnerable in the country. They have often lived through years of trauma and arrive profoundly affected by what they have witnessed. Many face great uncertainty and are surviving in an unfamiliar environment and culture, with strange habits, rules and language. They find themselves alone and in need of care, protection, and support to deal with the effects of severe trauma and mental health issues.

Learning disabilities

We supported young people with Learning Disabilities in a caring and warm environment for young people with learning disabilities, Autism and associated needs. The staff team are highly skilled in meeting the needs of young people with moderate to severe learning disabilities, managing difficult challenging behaviour and supporting young people to achieve positive outcomes. We ensure that a detailed compatibility assessment is done before we match the young people to a house.